Malaria Clinic

Going abroad to get some sun? Not sure if you need any protection from Malaria? Just give us the following information and we can let you know what you need.

  1. The country/countries that you plan to visit
  2. The areas within those countries
  3. How long you will be spending in each area

​Some anti-malarials are available over the counter and some are available only on prescription. We can advise you which medication would be best suited to your individual needs.

In 2013 Stockport Pharmacy is looking to go into partnership with a private Doctor who would allow us to supply certain prescription only anti-malarials without having to see a Doctor.*


* Any request for any medication is not obligated to be fulfilled. Supply of any medication is at the discretion of the Pharmacist in charge (and/or the Doctor) and may depend on the information supplied by the patient making the request.