The Earlier, The Better

The Earlier The Better

The earlier, the better campaign aims to reduce pressure on the NHS urgent and emergency care system during the first quarter of 2014. Its focus will be to influence changes in public behaviour to help reduce the number of people requiring emergency admissions through urgent and emergency care services, particularly A&E departments, with illnesses that could have been effectively treated earlier by self-care or community pharmacy services.

Pressures have been building on A&E departments for several years and can increase significantly over winter because of a rise in the number of people admitted to hospital.

The NHS has pulled out all the stops to prepare for this winter.  We are determined to protect the good standards of service that the public have come to expect.

As a result, planning started earlier than ever before with hospitals, GPs, social services and other health professionals coming together to work out the best way of responding in every area of the country.

NHS England is monitoring the situation closely and publishes a weekly update on how the NHS is handling winter, giving the public better information than has previously been available. 

It is important the public know what they need to do to keep well and advice on how to keep well and where to get expert advice will be given throughout the winter and can be found at


Visit for more info this winter